about us

who: Paul Scholes, the director and owner of Atria, and Katrina Kilcoyne, have worked together since 1999 and have a wealth of experience in everything from accounting to yoga!

how: we use the industry’s flagship software Iris, to handle all the numbers and compliance work, and subscribe to leading information facilities, or partner with experts, to provide services and advice.

where: whilst our mailing address (below) is in Dorset all of our internal systems, as well as most of our services, are maintained and run in “The Cloud” meaning that we can operate from anywhere with an internet connection.  This not only provides flexibility but also reduces the environmental impact of having to maintain a physical office space. See our Online page for details of our Cloud based facilities.

fees: are quoted in advance with no meter running, so clients can contact us at any time about anything, without the fear of extra charges.  Because there’s no such thing as a standard client we base our fees on the client’s, as well as our own, needs and abilities. We therefore encourage and coach clients to take on as much of the routine compliance and number crunching tasks as they can, in order to leave us to do what we do best.  See 4clients (if you are one) for terms & conditions.

our clients: are split about 50:50 between personal tax clients and a wide variety of, mainly small, owner managed businesses, ie sole traders, partnerships and Limited Companies, as well as charities and ”not for profit” organisations.


contact details:

Atria Associates Ltd
Registered in England & Wales 5409155

47 Goldcroft Road
020 3286 4180

email: paul@atria-associates.co.uk 

twitter: @ria_acs

VAT registration: 860 3875 10



The firm is covered by professional indemnity insurance.