welcome to: Atria, accountants, tax and business advisors acting for small to medium sized businesses, personal clients and other accountants.  Our advice and guidance is provided with a smile and a touch of colour, in a way that is understandable and matches the needs of our clients.

sustainability and social responsibility: we operate under an overriding need to consider at all times the necessity to make best use of all resources, both internally and with suppliers/clients, thereby reducing waste and keeping to a minimum our negative impact on the environment. We strive to get the most out of less whilst making sure that nobody we deal with is disadvantaged by our activities.

our website: is being self-built, using WordPress with the versitile PageLines theme, and is designed primarily with our clients in mind, providing relevant news about what we do and what’s going on in the world of tax, numbers and the environment (not necessarily in that order).

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Paul Scholes

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